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Avoid The Following Black Hat SEO Methods

Black Hat SEO Methods: Google is continuously changing and updating its searching algorithm for better results.

Many online marketers enlist different SEO techniques for better SEO service, to achieve the higher rank of websites in search engine results.

However, this can only be ensured if we do correctly and go ahead with white hat SEO, based on Google guidelines.

Even after knowing that many businesses make the mistake and go ahead with Black Hat SEO methods techniques to rank quickly.

Black Hat SEO Methods

Natural vs. Black Hat SEO Methods Aggressive SEO Strategies

An easy way to tell if you’re on the right track is to ask yourself how much action you’d need to take if Google, Yahoo or Bing announced a new algorithm update.

If you’ve done lots of natural link building through a variety of websites, consistently updated your website with useful content, maintained a clean sitemap and URL structure, and basically did all of the hard work of keeping your website running like a well-oiled machine, you’re probably not worried about Google tweaking some ranking signals.

Black Hat SEO  methods – Very aggressive SEO strategy that are done with the only purpose to rank higher in Google quickly without keeping in mind the target audience or readers and does not obey the Google guidelines is called black hat SEO Here are some of the commonly known Black Hat SEO Black Hat SEO Methods that need to be avoided are briefly described below:

Keywords Stuffing Method

In this, content having repeated endlessly keywords without any reason are present.

Try to write sentences that make sense, and provide new information to a user. Don’t forget about keywords density.

In the context of search engine optimization keyword density consider as a factor in determining whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase or not.

Hidden Text Method

Adding text to the website that can be only seen by search engine robots but readers can’t.

Use of lots of hidden text with extra or irrelevant keywords to boost page ranking.

Search engines don’t approve this method of hiding text & Google could be penalized for it.

Cloaking Content Method

Cloaking is a process that returns a different webpage to search engine crawling the site.

In other words, a human reading the site would see different content or information than the google bot or other search engine robot reading the site.

This type of task is performed to rank webpage well in search engine.

This is one is known as Black Hat SEO.

Duplicate Content or Mirror Site

Content that is found online in more than one place.

Search engines can’t able to decide which is more relevant to a given search query, and therefore, will rarely show duplicate content.

Article Spinning

Article spinning method is a process of rewriting article using different article spinner/ article rewriter tools that are easily found online.

By using article spinner tools you can get several new articles from a single article. The new article is terribly written, basically, don’t make any sense and don’t provide any new information to readers.

It is one of the black hat SEO techniques because it trying to create an illusion of fresh content for search engine bot.

Social Networking Spam Social media is good option to promote your business online, but it act negatively when you start sending links in messages or in comments irrelevantly or without any reason.

Try to contact people with similar interests, & exchange information with mutual interest.

To implement a natural SEO strategy, you need to stick to the basics and do them extremely well. If all of your strengths lie in things that search engine guidelines will never outlaw, just like us, creating original content and improving your website’s user experience and then your site has a much stronger chance of building rank over time no matter what sorts of algorithm or guideline updates there are.

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