SEO Tips in 2018

SEO in 2018: Trends and Lucrative Techniques

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The permanent evolution of search engines is aimed at improving the user experience annually the algorithms are modified at least 500 times, yes oh yes, impressive! For maximum yield and to best meet (and pay attention – totally) searches. At the moment, Google recognizes that it has over 200 classification factors, which play a vital […]

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7 Optimization actions for a product with 1 million searches

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SEO on trends 7 best optimization actions for a product with 1 million searches SEO is an increasingly competitive competition: every online store (and not just such sites) wants to have good visibility into organic Google results with its product or category pages. Usually, the SEO strategy for an online store takes into account the […]

Mobile Marketing Services

10 Common Mistakes in Mobile SEO and Recommendations to Fix them

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Google is increasingly focusing on mobile terminal users and strives to provide them with a more enjoyable experience both within their own services and by providing relevant results to Google Search searches that, in turn, to provide people with the information they need in a more accessible way. Based on the experience gained in the […]

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Effective strategies for attracting and retaining customers

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Obtaining and retaining customers is essential in online commerce. Although in Ireland and UK this is just starting out, online consumers prefer large brands that offer discounts, dots or gifts. These types of strategies are less useful for small merchants, but instead, they have at their disposal some innovative methods that can bring and maintain […]

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SEO optimization – 20 Optimization tips that no one gives you

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SEO optimization is a challenging field. In Ireland, it means to optimize your website for search engines. Whether we like it or not, when it comes to search engines, at least in Ireland, we refer mainly to Google. In this article, you will find a list of the main things you can do to optimize […]

Robots.Txt file | Definition, Examples; Implementation

The Robots.txt file : How it helps you in SEO optimization

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The robots.txt file: all you need to know about implementation and how it helps you in SEO optimization Apparently, a simple file on a website, robots.txt is one of the most important elements of a site, both for search engines and for those who are looking for just certain information from the site. Beyond the […]