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Perform a professional technical website audit for google

What is a technical SEO audit and how can be performed

What is a technical seo audit prepared for search engines that is designed to add value and improve the information from which marketing decisions are made. By performing an analyze for critical factors, SEO components, a company can develop a prioritized action plan to improve organic search results.

What are the critical factors that should be evaluated in an SEO audit? These few factors, which all have an impact on your SEO results and should be evaluated in your next audit.

what is a technical seo audit

Competitor Research Analysis

One of the most important factors for an SEO audit is to analyze competition. You need to surpass in organic search results for target keywords? How are competitors engaging visitors, how to attract organic search traffic for specific keywords?

Competitor Research Analysis

A competitive analysis consists of looking at competitor keywords, estimated monthly search traffic, page one keywords, inbound links, domain authority, linking root domains and the estimated search traffic practicality. Most of this information is readily available through a variety of tools like SEMRush, OpenSiteExplorer and Ahrefs and many more.

Advanced Link Analysis

Advanced Link Analysis

The algorithm it about how Google Engine search, finds and ranks, and returns the relevant results. How is your site linked internally and externally on trusted unbiased observer websites.With an tool from Google called Google Search Console we can analyze internal and external links to dispose how your data is linked and which pages are most important.

Accessibility and Indexability

Important factors to check and analyse Robots.txt, we can have a look at Robots.txt file and check if there are any user agents banned, check if there are any sections that should be indexed, commun mistakes are done by bloggers not paying attention to Robots.txt. This are important factors that should not be skipped from what is a technical SEO audit and how to should be performed.

Page speed and 404 errors or long server response times this are some common accessibility issues that can be found and fixed in an SEO audit. I have created an article related to How to Improve Your WordPress Website Speed in 2017 may worth to be readed.

Pay attention to Google Search Console and determine in case that there are 404 errors and need to be fixed or redirected as google crawlers are checking them often. Keep your content up to date. Search for accessibility error and issues that Google resources. Consider to hire an SEO Consultant for reparing the errors.

Another important factor fromwhat is a technical SEO audit is XML sitemap. Examine the XML Sitemap. I highly recomand usage of XML Sitemap Validator a tool that will validate or not your xml sitemap, additionaly you can ping Google which will inform them about their location. Also inform Google search engine about your sitemap via Web Master Tools.

Keyword Analysis Long Tail

Long tail keywords are important in our days dpdv SEO, Long tail keywords have been used to refine search terms, this keywords are highly specific and magnetize less traffic to websites, but tend to attract more quality traffic and all this leads in more conversions then normal keywords.

Reinforcing long tail keywords successfully means that a publisher needs to know which long tail keywords actually get hits or are searched for on the major search engines.

I highly recomand the following tools for keywords analysis, Google Search Console, Analytics this tools will provide accurate information in how your website is performing and impacting keyword search positions.

Now that you know what is a technical SEO audit you can start doing by your self, if not consider hiring SEO consultants to provide you the information that you really need to boost you website in to search engines.

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